Saturday 19 April 2014

This Little Bunny goes to the Market
Saturday Morning at Yppen Square Farmers Market

First Things First
Breakfast at Café An-Do

Next, Flowers!
Still early, but busy already

Lilacs for Everyone
Let's fill every vase in town!

Outdoor Tables
Basking in the sunshine

Flieder und Kartoffeln
Lilacs and potatoes getting along just fine

Shadow still life

Photographed Saturday Morning
19 April 2014 at Yppen Square Farmers Market
Images and Text © by Merisi

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  1. How thrilling to see lilac!
    Happy Easter, dear Merisi, to you and your family!


    1. The whole city is awash in lilacs and their perfume right now, Elizabeth!
      Happy Easter to you and yours,

  2. Too early for the bobos and hipsters, an unfamiliar sight at this market. :-)

    1. PS: your date says April 20?

    2. Thank you, I stand corrected! ;-)
      I really like the Saturday farmers market. Whoever the customers are, they value fresh and regional, and the cafes and restaurants lining the square, with their lovely outdoor seating. I actually think there is a friendly mix of Viennese of various backgrounds, including the sellers themselves. I tend to think that they espouse a bit of that southern living in the moment philosophy. Spending Saturday mornings doing the weekly grocery shopping at the market is a chore, why not reward oneself by having breakfast in the sun, reading the paper, meet up with friends? I see no negative connotation with all that. And many people can make a living by catering to our heart's desire.

    3. Hi Merisi!
      I am not sure, if we understand each other? No negative connoctation at all, quite the contrary!
      What I wanted to say: A few hours later the very same place will cramped with the in-crowd in a and that the early hours are the best time. Just like in Rome, when you want to visit St Peter's Basilica.

  3. I agree the lilacs stole my heart..You never see them at markets..only in our gardens..and not for a while..June..I remember because I married on a June 8th and they were in full bloom:)
    Happy Easter~

    1. Farmers markets this time of the year are full of farmers selling lilacs. One of the reasons I love this market especially. Lilacs in Vienna usually start blooming the last ten days of so of April, lasting into May. Like everything else, they bloom early this year.
      Happy Easter to you, too!

  4. Here the bluebells are getting ready as well - far too early but a welcome sight.

  5. That's a busy market! Happy Easter to you!

  6. All looks very enticing and lovely

  7. Wow lilacs and potatoes! Lovely images of Vienna at Easter. Sarah x

  8. I cannot imagine finding such lovely lilacs at the farmer's market. Be still my heart. Wishing you a very blessed Easter Merisi.


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