Friday 18 April 2014

Café An-Do at Yppen Platz
Favorite Places for Breakfast and more

Café An-Do
Levant meets Vienna

Best Omelette Ever
Perfectly cooked vegetable and cheese omelette
with excellent cappuccino and bread, all for € 6.20
Included are great atmosphere, very friendly wait staff and
crew in the open kitchen

Café An-Do
Yppen Platz
where Brunnenmarkt and
Saturday Morning Farmers Market meet
16th District

Photographed Saturday
30 March 2013
Images and Text © by Merisi

The Levant
is a geographic and cultural region consisting of the eastern Mediterranean littoral between Anatolia and Egypt. The Levant has been described as the "crossroads of western Asia, the eastern Mediterranean and northeast Africa"
Quoted from ->"Levant" @ Wikipedia
-> Homepage Café An-Do
R e p o s t


  1. Hello Merisi , such a lovely place to have breakfast and a tasty breakfast it looks too. What a great price to dine in a beautiful place x

  2. That omelet looks so delicious. And what is it about roses in silver? So lovely!
    Hope you are enjoying the spring!!!

  3. Lovely and the omelette looks fantastic.

  4. Wow! THAT was an omelet? YUMMM...

  5. Omelets are always a welcome meal! That one looks delicious.

  6. Omelets are my one go to food with my homemade special touch, and I guess comfort food for me as well. This one sure looks wonderful, as does everything shared here. Happy Easter Merisi~

  7. It looks so sunny and pieceful

  8. I cant believe how the papers have all these bunnies and eggs etc..
    Looks so YUM
    wish I could hop right over for a munch.


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