Monday 24 February 2014

Hopeful Slants of Light
Viennese Moments

Crimson Door
in the morning sun

Window Shopping
Sunlit berry tarts

Walking Past
a red, red rose

A Place in the Sun
Coffee break

Photographed 20 February 2014
4th District (Wieden)
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Beautiful!! I especially love the first photo!! What a lovely way to start a day...

  2. Such lovely close ups, that put me in the mood for the upcoming trip.

  3. Sublime. Love that door and those berry tarts.

  4. Wonder what he is writing in the notebook...

  5. Merisi, these colors are so pretty and encouraging...NYC had a warm weekend, and now we have reverted to wintry weather. I walked by Central Park today and saw snow still there, after our publicized thaw. I could not venture past Central Park West to see if any snow drops were actually poking their blooms above ground.

    Thank you for encouraging me to believe that spring will spring. xo

  6. Those tarts have me feeling ravenous!

  7. Something about that crimson door makes me smile and smile (same go for the tarts too:)

  8. What a nice start to the day, to look at your beautiful photos (again)

    Enjoy your day and your coffee.

  9. That first shot is a beauty, Merisi.

  10. My favorite kind of details!

  11. I really admire how you "package" your photos, Merisi. I like how you used all reds, and the first photo is a beauty!

  12. Beautiful red abstract door and knob.
    Nothing wrong with the berry tarts either...yum


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