Saturday 28 December 2013

Red, Red Roses in December
Christmastime in Vienna

A Red, Red Rose
Rossauer Lände in December 2007
9th District

Red, Red Roses
In my neighbour's garden
sometime this morning

Shortly before noon,
the roses moving with the wind

28 Decembre 2013
Noon, 12:00:00

Images and Text © by Merisi
Link -> A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns


  1. Spotting the red roses this morning, I thought they reflected so beautifully the end of another year, yet carried hope for what's to come. And I cannot walk by a red, red rose without thinking of Robert Burns' poem:

    A Red, Red Rose

    O my Luve's like a red, red rose
    That's newly sprung in June;
    O my Luve's like the melodie
    That's sweetly play'd in tune.

    As fair art thou, my bonnie lass,
    So deep in luve am I:
    And I will luve thee still, my dear,
    Till a' the seas gang dry:

    Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear,
    And the rocks melt wi' the sun:
    I will luve thee still, my dear,
    While the sands o' life shall run.

    And fare thee well, my only Luve
    And fare thee well, a while!
    And I will come again, my Luve,
    Tho' it were ten thousand mile.
    Robert Burns

  2. J'aime beaucoup le premier cliché où
    devant cette balustrade aux contours élégants,
    cette rose rouge illumine les dorés aux alentours***
    Bonne fin d'année à toi
    et je te dis à l'année prochaine !!!

    1. Merci beaucoup, Christyn, and best wishes to you, too!

  3. Looking at these images, I'd like to point out that the first one was shot with a less than $200 camera, and the other ones with one the price of which I'd rather not mention. Food for thought. ;-)

  4. Indeed that is food for thought. I only use a little Sony point and shoot myself - mainly because it fits in my pocket easily, but nevertheless I am happy with it.

  5. Oui, oui, il y aura des roses rouges pour le jour de l'an !!!!
    Adorables fleurs !!!!
    Belle soirée !

  6. This is funny! Roses also caught my attention in Vienna today. But they look very different from yours. I will post them later on. One clue (you probably don't need more than 1: Volksgarten. :-)

  7. Winter lovely.
    You captured them beautifully with both the point and shoot and the expensive one.
    We have had such a hard frost that the winter flowers are having a difficult time blooming this year. The little flitty hummingbirds are having trouble getting any nectar at all. Wish I could get a picture of them but they just move too fast for my little camera.
    Happy New Year Merisi.

  8. How lovely that those roses were able to be part of Vienna's Christmas celebration! They certainly do put on a wonderful show.

    (Your camera disclosure is quite interesting, Merisi.)


  9. It aids the connection with the fair folk, I'm sure ;))

  10. Is it unusual for roses to bloom in December in Vienna? Beautiful!

    1. It is quite unusual, Amy! These roses grow in a lucky spot. Every now and then I discover a rose blooming in December around town, in courtyards, near walls, protected spots.
      When I spot one at Christmastime, I think of this carol:
      - "Es ist ein Ros entsprungen" ("A rose has sprung up"), most commonly translated to English as "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming" or "A Spotless Rose", is a Christmas carol and Marian Hymn of German origin. (…)
      The English translation "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming" was written by Theodore Baker in 1894. A translation of the first two verses of the hymn as "A Spotless Rose" was written by Catherine Winkworth and this was set as a SATB anthem by Herbert Howells in 1919[1] and Philip Ledger in 2002. -
      Quoted from Wikipedia -> link "Es ist ein Ros entsprungen" ("A rose has sprung up")

  11. I think it was March, but the last time I was in Vienna the roses in public gardens were wrapped in straw. Am I remembering well?

    1. Giacomo,
      I have not seen them wrapped in straw since I moved here. Maybe this was before they started using the burlap sacks? ;-)

  12. How lovely to see roses around Christmastime! I remember a year in Washington when it was so warm for the whole fall and early winter, there were roses blooming in the gardens on 19th Street for Christmas week!

    Merisi, I hope your Christmas was a lovely one and that your New Year will be bright and beautiful!


  13. Such a beautiful shade of red in these shots, Merisi!

  14. Love your reference to one of my favorite hymns..
    "Behold a rose is growing..of loveliest form and grace.."
    I used to have it on my Christmas card each year!

    Love your blog. Finally catching up with you after many years, after visiting Sunshine Coast Daily . I used to enjoy your blog a few years back, and then lost track of it, changing from one computer to another! So pleased I have found it again. Especially as my brother, his wife and family are there right now visiting ..via Switzerland, from Australia. Lovely photographs!


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