Sunday 29 December 2013

DO NOT DELETE Into the Starry Starry Night
Salzburg at Christmastime
Merisi's Viennese Escape

Christmastime in Salzburg
I used to come up from Rome
by train at Christmastime

As much as I miss Christmastime
in Rome, Salzburg's magical

at this time of the year -
even the greatest kitsch

can't steal any of the beauty
of this city at Christmastime

Meandering about the city,
late evening into early night,

passing Hopperesque settings,
stage curtains open to reveal

more magical settings
inside windows and courtyards

Photographed in Salzburg
in December 2013
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. My favorite one is of the lights hanging above on the streets. It looks so pretty it makes me want to be there this very minute.

  2. Salzburg looks magical this time of year!

  3. For me, kitsch IS the beauty of Christmastime! Thanks for the lovely photos!

  4. A magical looking place indeed, Merisi!! Wonderful captures for the day as always!! Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!! Enjoy!


  5. Gold gas sounds pretty bad in English. :)

    1. For a moment there, you'd lost me, Charles! ;-)
      And then I remembered listening to Google Map directions in English, while driving in Vienna. They mispronounce street names in the most spectacular ways, and "Gasse" (Alley) ends up sounding like "gas" - alas. ;-)

  6. It truly is all very magical. I do wish that I could travel into the city during the holidays. I am sure that some areas are quite safe, yet I do not go alone and no one here wants to venture, so I take my enjoyment in seeing the cities where you visit and share images from. All very glorious. Happy New Year Merisi~

  7. Glad to find out the beauty of all photo instants from Vienna, Salzburg and so on (posts of red roses in december, foggy moments in december, etc)! Thank you for sharing! A Happy New Year!

  8. It looks gorgeous - I have a friend lives in Salzburg - never been myself but my wife has been and has fond memories of it. Happy New Year

  9. What a magical place in deed.

  10. The pics make Austria look all the more appealing, Merisi!

  11. Lovely photos as usual, Merisi. Though well past January 6th, I like to extend Christmas with the Julien calendar, so my Christmas tree does not come down until after the Julien's Appearance of the Magi.

    The seasonal decorations for Salzburg are exquisite.


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