Sunday 1 December 2013

Christmas Cutting Room Floor
Merisi's Christmas in Vienna, Undone

Sachertorte Christmas decorations
in Hotel Sacher's shop window

St. Nicholas and Krampus
Look at their facial expressions.
these chocolates are still handmade,
here in Vienna, at "Confiserie de Luxe – Altmann & Kühne"

Confiserie de Luxe – Altmann & Kühne

Merisi's True St. Nicholas and Krampus Tale

Enjoy, it's tongue-in-cheek,
no offense to anyone!
A girl needs to have fun,
every now and then! :-)

Images and Text © by Merisi
All Rights Reserved


  1. It's very nicely done!

    I've got some pics for a rather unusual Christmas window display that I'll have to post before Christmas... it might offend someone with a puritan bent...

    1. That's so funny, I did not think anyone would look here! ;-)
      I can't wait to see your picture.

  2. Ha! That is quite clever! Looking forward to seeing what Christmas is like in Vienna!


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