Sunday 1 December 2013

Vienna's Autumn Gold
and Gerry Gam's Big Red Hearts

Spanning Two Seasons

Heart Tree
Gerry Gam's big red hearts,
ready to warm our souls
in the midst of winter -
and a glimpse of the spire
of Vienna's City Hall
Christmas Market

Photographed at sunset
as the last golden rays
illuminated the city
November 2011

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Very elegant street decorations, Merisi.

  2. The photo reminds me of yesterday when a single leaf hung on to our white oak tree. Now, however, it is among countless oak leaves of different hues scattered everywhere. I have nothing to decorate them with and dread, almost, sucking them up into the leave thingy so I can put chipped-up leaves back down in selected places to become food for the apple tree and the cherry tree. In the end I hope to get an apple pie for all our heroic efforts.

  3. The trees are very pretty anyway.

  4. Lovely capture for the day as always, Merisi!! I love the hearts!! Hope you're enjoying a beautiful weekend!!

  5. Joli contraste pour ces coeurs rouges dans l'or des feuilles !

  6. The color of the tree is beautiful!
    Lovely decoration too.

  7. I think we have the same here in Stavanger.
    Yes, they are nice!:)

  8. I really loved the Christmas markets in Vienna. It was such fun.

  9. Love the big red hearts! I have a lot of hearts for our Christmas tree.

  10. Wow, this is really stunning!

  11. Good to see all the Christmas pictures but the tree with hearts is different and I like the contrast.

  12. this picture is great! really like it!


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