Tuesday 12 November 2013

Into the Woods, to Hermes Villa
Vienna's Lainz Game Reserve in Autumn

Brambling on the way to
Empress Elisabeth's Hermes Villa
in a park that once upon a time
was one of the Emperor's game reserves

Mohr im Hemd
Moore with Shirt
A steamed fluffy pudding, made by whipping butter with sugar,
adding finely grated chocolate, cake crumbs, egg whites whipped
to a meringue-like state with sugar, and ground almonds.
The "shirt" is melted semi-sweet chocolate and butter

Red roses under the autumn sun
along the basin of the fountain
in front of the villa

Detail of the entrance
to the courtyard

Photographed 8 October 201
Lainz Game Reserve and
Restaurant at Hermes Villa
Lainzer Tiergarten
13th District
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Blackberries and the most delicious dessert/cake imaginable, autumn in Vienna, what a treat!

  2. Now that is a feast...Mohr with shirt, a new discovery !

  3. That pudding looks entrancing!

  4. Hard to concentrate on the roses or the courtyard after that first unfair image!


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