Wednesday 13 November 2013

Sunflowers and other Autumnal Delights
Hiking in Gustav Klimt's Neighbourhood

Late Bloomers
Reminiscent of
Gustav Klimt's "Sunflowers",
spotted in a communal garden
not far from Klimt's last studio

A walk through Viennese woods,
like the garden above, only 15 minutes
off U4's Ober St. Veit metro station

Lot's of conkers to kick
along the way, if you are up
and about before the children arrive

Walking up the Red Hill, Roter Berg,
you'll enjoy a good view of Hietzing,
the steeple of the Church of Maria Geburt* -
next to the western gate of Schönbrunn Park -
and the city beyond, here still wrapped in morning mist

On the other side of Roter Berg,
tree-lined streets lead you downhill

and if you start out as early as I did,
you'll arrive just in time for the farmers market opening

Here's a map of the Roter Berg area,
extra-large, if you click on it

Photographed on a Saturday morning
in October 2013
Images and Text © by Merisi

Traslation and Links:
*) Maria Geburt: Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary
-> Hiking in and around Vienna @ the City of Vienna's own website, in English:
Information about a myriad of hiking trials, most within city limits and reached by public transport
-> Klimt Museum - Klimt's last Studio, now open to the public, 5 minutes from U4's Ober St. Veit metro station; a minute's walk from tram 58's "Verbindungsbahn" stop
-> Image of Gustav Klimt's 1907 Sunflowers painting at


  1. What truly magical images you have shared today. Lovely shades of autumn.

  2. The colours in this post are sumptuous. I shared some Autumn images on FB the other day, and I think people thought that I may have manipulated them and yet...they are what they are. When I think I am in love with one season, I find reason the be in love with the next~

    1. Mary, I could not agree more about being in love with a reason and then find reason to be in love with the next! Life is love.

  3. That picture of Hietzing is phenomenal...with those layers of green. Thanks for taking us on that walk with you!

    1. You are welcome, Amy, my pleasure! :-)

  4. I love that picture of the city!!

  5. A beautiful set of archetypal Fall photos!
    Rain and drizzle in Paris ;((

  6. Thanks for the wonderful walk: you caught some really amazing colors over there...

  7. What a delightful walk it must have been! Wonderful!


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