Wednesday 16 October 2013

Johann Nestroy Monument at Praterstrasse
A Visit to Leopoldstadt in the 2nd District

Johann Nepomuk Nestroy
Monument at Praterstrasse 19

"Miethaus zum Jonas"
18th Century apartment building
Praterstrasse 19

Palais Bellgarde
Praterstrasse 17

Sunday at Noon
Praterstrasse 15

Photographed Sunday 13 October 2013
in Leopoldstadt, 2nd District
© by Merisi

-> Johann Nepomuk Nestroy (7 December 1801 – 25 May 1862) at Wikipedia:
"Johann Nepomuk Eduard Ambrosius Nestroy .... was a singer, actor and playwright in the popular Austrian tradition of the Biedermeier period and its immediate aftermath. Dubbed the "Austrian Shakespeare", in style he is more comparable to Molière."

"Nestroy's legacy:
About half of Nestroy's works have been revived by the modern German-speaking theatres and many are part and parcel of today's Viennese repertoire. However, few have ever been translated into English. Only one, Einen Jux will er sich machen, has become well known to English-speaking theatregoers. Interestingly, it has become a classic more than once. It was first adapted as Thornton Wilder's The Matchmaker (which later became the musical Hello, Dolly!) and later achieved success as the comic masterpiece On the Razzle, which was translated by Stephen Plaice and adapted by Tom Stoppard."


  1. My mother grew up in Praterstrasse, 1st District. I dont remember the number. Number 10 keeps popping into my head, I must ask her. It was in 1939 until she immigated to Australia in 1959. Are there any of the old buldings in that part still? Maybe you could take some photos for me one day so I could show her.

    1. Yes, most of the old buildings are still there!

  2. She hasn't been back there since the 1980s. I remember visiting it with her as a child and the old lady who had been my mothers neighbour during the war still lived there. Her name was Frau Kottrabar ( not sure of the spelling). I'm sure she has passed away by now, but perhaps some of her children still live there since I know those Gemeindewohnungs pass from one generation to the next. Thank you. I always love seeing your photos even though I don't comment often I am always reading and enjoying your posts.

  3. Thank you, CC, for your kind comment!
    I found a few images for you:
    Click here ->Praterstrasse 10 and here, for more images of Praterstrasse 10.
    I shall try to photograph each of the buildings during my next visit there. Praterstrasse is located in the Second District, just across the river from the First District.

  4. Click here -> for more images of Praterstrasse (two of my favorite restaurants reside at Praterstrasse 15, Mochi and Ansari). Enjoy! :-)

  5. These are all stunning. The second shot is especially beautiful. Thinking 'postcard' again :). Lovely.

  6. That's my favourite part in Praterstraße! Makes me think of Paris...

  7. Thank you for the links Merisi. I spoke with my Mum this morning. You are right she lived in the 2nd Distric, not 1st, my mistake. She was born in 15 Praterstrasse, the photo you have above. She said it was famous during the monarch as the apartments for 'Sissi' when she visited the Prater and others of the nobility who would stay there. My mother lived there until 1949 and then they moved to Number 26 Praterstrasse

  8. She lived at 26 in an upstairs apartment until 1959 with her parents and 6 siblings. Thank you again for the beautiful photos.

  9. Neat-looking building. I like the gold tones.

  10. The building at the bottom, like sunshine, the colour is brilliant and so beautiful


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