Sunday 22 September 2013

Apple Strudel at the Meierei im Stadtpark
Coffee break, anyone?

On the first springlike day in Vienna,
what better way to celebrate

than with a cup of Viennese Melange
and a slice of warm apple strudel,

fresh out of the oven
of Steirereck's kitchen?

Photographed 8 April 2013
Images and Text © by Merisi

The "Meierei at Stadtpark" is the "downstairs" of the "Restaurant Steirereck"
located in a former dairy building in the middle of Vienna's Central Park.
You may simply drop in, but I would recommend a reservation.
Apple Strudel and Farmer's Cheese Strudel are served every day
at 1:00 PM, until sold out.
As for the Steirereck, one of the world's top restaurants,
you'll have to plan way ahead, booking weeks in advance.

-> Meierei at Stadtpark
-> Restaurant Steirereck
-> Interview with Heinz Reitbauer, the chef and genius behind "Steirereck"
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  1. I like the sound of the Farmer's Cheese Strudel.

  2. Merisi, I smiled at your strudel suggestion to celebrate springlike weather. I would like to sample a delicious serving of strudel as autumn begins to cast its spell and I begin to select delicious 2013 apples at the farmers market.


  3. Cool plate to put one's strudel on.

  4. Beautiful café shots as usual! And I love apple strudel! :-)

  5. I love apple strudel too! Beautifully presented.

  6. The cup of Viennese Melange with the apple strudel: an attractive afternoon snack!

  7. That looks so delicious! I'd love to try the Farmer Cheese one, too.


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