Thursday 1 August 2013

French Feast
Café Le Bol

A quiet moment
great coffee

latent temptations
dreams within and beyond

and the sugar bowls,
always full

Café Le Bol
Pâtisserie, Bistro
Neuer Markt 14

-> La Carte @ LE BOL Pâtisseries * Café * Bistro * Table d´hôtes
I have had breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, alone and in company,
many many times, and it was always a feast for the senses.
I love the service, the cuisine, the atmosphere, in quiet and in busy times
Tip: Walk by and make a reservation in person, ahead of time. You'll thank me.
D800 50 mm lens


  1. Dear Readers:
    During the last week or so I published my pictures in a larger format.
    Looking back, though, I felt that this changed the "character" of my blog: I like to tell "stories" and put not so much emphasis on a single picture. So I went back to a smaller image size.

    You can still see the larger version by clicking on the pictures.
    Any thoughts on that?

    Thank you for being out there and commenting, it is a wonderful experience to blog, knowing YOU are out there,

  2. Mmmm -- just gorgeous!

  3. Aw...! I have been waiting for another one of your 'coffee' shots. I can't drink hot coffee at moment because of my recent tooth extraction but I can enjoy your photograph :).

    1. Drats! I hope you are soon back in full coffee mode! ;-)
      How about hot espresso with cold milk, then drink it with a straw?
      Dr. Coffee
      Ministry of Coffee

  4. Merisi, perhaps over the years during which I've been greatly enjoying your posts of photographs and poetry, I've grown accustomed to the smaller format. I think it is a perfect fit.

    (Of course it was also a pleasure to see your experiment last week. I sometimes have clicked on certain photographs to enlarge them, so it's great to continue to have that additional option.)

    Today's still life photographs are classic. xo

    1. Thank you, Frances,
      very kind of you, as always it is a pleasure to read your thoughts and opinions!
      M. xxx

  5. I love the quality of the larger pictures, but tend to agree that the smaller ones make for more writing space. Your observations, and the sequences, are always a pleasure to see.

    How far ahead does Le Bol take reservations? Thursday October 31st I will be walking the streets. OOps must not forget Cafe Ansari as well !

    1. Kurwenal,
      thank you for the feedback, very much appreciated! :-)
      I shall ask the next time I walk by Le Bol. Let me know what time you'd have the reservation for, and I'll attempt to book ahead.
      I have another restaurant recommendation, hope to publish pictures soon (right next to Ansari).
      Warm greetings,

    2. Re Sequence:
      Yes, whether they "work" or not, i give the sequence some thought (I need to have some fun, don't I?).

  6. I'll take six cubes of sugar please!

  7. The perfect way to start my day -- now if someone would just bring me my cup of coffee with cream??? And three cubes of sugar!! Have a wonderful weekend, Merisi!!

  8. I love the little brown sugar cubes and have finally found them here in the states. I have antique tongs to go with the sugar bowl. I'm feeling very European and would love to share a cup of coffee with you.

    An early wish for a happy weekend.

    1. I remember the expensive small boxes of brown sugar cubes at Safeway! ;-)

      And why in the world was I spelling tongs the way I did? Alright, will correct it immediately, thank you, Sam!

      A wonderful weekend to you, too,

    2. Ha! I was clever enough not to use the word tong!!!! ;-)

  9. There's something very appealing about photos of coffee cups...

  10. Un café français à Vienne ? Je lis que tu as aimé, donc, il est à la hauteur des cafés Viennois ! :D
    Bon week-end Merisi !

  11. Looks nice....
    So what are you reading?


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