Monday 8 July 2013

Viennese Coffee Melange at Café Hummel
Coffee Heaven in Josefstadt

Coffee Melange at Café Hummel
A cup of coffee served the Viennese way,
with a glass of water and a downturned spoon
on a silvery tray, with sugar packets

Photographed 29 June 2013
at Café Hummel
8th District, Josefstadt
Images and Text © by Merisi

-> Café Hummel Homepage


  1. In LOVE with the little drawings on the sugar packets of course...
    Someone local no doubt long ago...

  2. This post proves how a picture is worth a thousand words...I just loved this little slice of Vienna!

  3. ahh yes, time for breakfast

  4. Fun to step inside. (I have just been looking through the few days of your posts I missed and I must say that I loved them all.)

  5. The sugar packets would be a favorite souvenier from Vienna.
    I really need some of your wonderful coffee. You always make a cup of the golden brew look so inviting.

  6. Great post, the place looks so inviting for a good cup of coffee! Thanks for visiting!


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