Tuesday 9 July 2013

Viennese Art Nouveau
The Secession Pavilion

Gilded Laurel Leaves
Dome on the roof of
the Secession Pavilion

Medusa Masks
above the entrance

One of two planters
designed by Joseph Maria Olbrich

The Secession Pavilion
by architect Joseph Maria Olbrich
built during 1897-1898

The Pavilion was damaged during WWII and looted in 1945
In 1973, the Austrian government purchased
and restored this Art Nouveau jewel
Photographed 19 July 2012 - Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. The Secession Pavilion is one of my all time favourite Art Nouveau buildings in Vienna - thank you for showing it.

  2. Lovely. Makes me think of a giant cup of tea.

  3. A beautiful building and what wonderful foresight finally to have it retired!

  4. Wonderful building. Love that angle in your top shot. The sky and clouds are a perfect backdrop.

  5. Lots of artistic sites were so badly damaged in WWII. It was certainly bad for enjoyers of art among us.

  6. Oh one of my favourite buildings, and so difficult to capture, with the busy road directly in front ! Congratulations for catching some fine detail in bright light.

    A wonderful touch of gold to the day.


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