Sunday 2 June 2013

Rainy Sunday at Lake Constance
Viennese Escapes: Vorarlberg

Rain at Lake Constance
It seems these heavy rains
will never end

Is this Mallard duck lodging
a complaint with the weather gods?

Waterlogged chestnut tree branches
bent to the point of breaking, blossoms falling
all over the ground and into the lake

Cafe chairs chained together,
lest they run away to sunnier climes

A few had staged a daring escape,
alas, those chains put a hold on their plan

After three hours of walking in the rain,
I sit down under a sunbrella outfitted with
radiant heating and order coffee and apple strudel

Warmly wrapped in a blanket,
I start dreaming of being out there,
gliding over the water, looking back
as the weariness of the world disappears

I love Lake Constance in the rain!
Photographed 25 May 2013
Bregenz, Vorarlberg

To see more of the lake
and the Vorarlberg region,
click on the labels below!


  1. very nice photos despite of (or because of?) the rain!
    I mostly like the shots with the ducks, and the pictures with the chairs!
    ciao Markus

  2. Wonderful. I feel like I just got a walk in your city.

  3. I've seen a fair share of that lake in all weather (fog being my favourite) back when I regularly went to Friedrichshafen on mission. The area is lovely, even in the rain.

  4. I really miss the good weather!! :( This weather really makes me gloomy!

  5. Ah, it does look WET and chilly!! We're finally enjoying so beautiful weather and sunshine!! That made my move much easier!!! So good to be back online and able to enjoy your blogs and photos! Have a great week, Merisi!!

  6. Anonymous03 June, 2013

    Lovely rain pictures. We've been having a lot of rain here, too.

  7. We've also been stuck in a rainy pattern that won't quit here in Minnesota. Our summers are short enough the way it is! Lake Constance looks beautiful. What a lovely outdoor dining patio. I can understand why they chain the chairs together. They're quite lovely.


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