Friday 3 May 2013

A Dog in Breton Cap and Sailor Shirt
and other French Encounters in Vienna

Genuine Breton Cap
and sailor shirt

One more striped Breton shirt
and French shopping bag

White ceramic watch
inspired by Chanel
and French Gauloise -
only a guess

Photographed along Graben
and Kohlmarkt, 26 April 2013
Images and Text © by Merisi

Link: -> La marinière, the Breton Sailor Shirt


  1. What shall we do with a canine sailor,
    What shall we do with a canine sailor,
    What shall we do with a canine sailor,
    Early in the morning?

  2. What a fun post for the day, Merisi!! I love it! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Merisi, in Vienna, how does one say, "Ooh la la?"


  4. So excited that I'll be in Vienna in exactly one month!
    Have a joyful weekend.
    I see it has been raining but hope it brightens soon.
    Am reading The Exiles Return by Elisabeth de Waal set in Vienna....getting ready for my trip!

  5. I can't see a striped shirt without thinking of sailing!

    1. The striped Breton shirt (marinière in French) was mandatory for French sailors since the 1850s. The idea was that stripes make sailors easier to spot in bad weather or when a sailor goes overboard. After World War II It become fashionable thanks to Coco Chanel.

      I could not find any reliable English sources online, here is the link to the French Wikipedia: -> La Marinière

  6. Love how you connected the three images. That last one is a super "capture"!

  7. Anonymous04 May, 2013

    And Jean-Paul Gaultier took over from Coco ...
    Years go by... and having a "marinière" in your wardrobe is still a must !!!
    love the dog !!!


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