Friday 19 April 2013

Spring Afternoon in the Park
Türkenschanzpark in the 18th District

The park was built in the 1880s by local citizens
and the "Viennese Cottage" settlement

Emperor Franz Joseph I attended
the opening ceremony on September 30, 1888

The park's name derives from Turkish trenches built during
the 1529 siege of Vienna by the Ottoman Empire

In 1896, the original campus of Vienna's
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
was built adjacent to the park which is seen by its students
as a welcome unofficial extension of the school's campus

Photographed 18 April 2013
© by Merisi

Link -> University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna


  1. Beautiful shots..have a nice day/

  2. I love that line "unofficial extension of the school's campus" - students always push the boundaries!!

  3. Looks like a good place to have a break from studies if your a student or take a pleasant walk in the sunshine for everyone else.

  4. Oh Merisi, now you make me miss Vienna so much. Love this park and I used to run there many mornings :)

  5. It's such a handsome city. I think sometimes Haussmann did as much for Wien (by proxy) as for Paris.

  6. Such a beautiful city and you always capture it so perfectly, Merisi! I love the "extension of the campus"!! Wish I were there today! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. My favorite park in Vienna! Thanks for sharing.

  8. How lovely to have such a beautiful park adjascent to a university campus. It should always be so, with a place of such beauty to bring the academics back to earth!

  9. Glad to see spring has finally arrived in Vienna. Have a great weekend!

  10. Boy is it Springy there!
    It's bright and sunny in Paris but chilly!
    Back to soup weather...

  11. What lovely scenes filled with people. So much better than what we are experiencing!

  12. Dear Merisi, I have been leaving lots of comments on your post but they rarely show. I wonder what is going on with blogger? How could I not with your lovely posts?

    This looks like "geh'n wir Tauber vergiften im Park".

    1. Arija,
      i am sorry for the troubles with the comments!
      Ich hoffe der Spuk ist nur tempororär.

      Comments on posts older than a day are being moderated in order to stop spammers (I don't use CAPTCHA which I find more annoying than doing any good), but I publish the moderated comments soon after they come in.

  13. What a beautiful park in which to celebrate Spring's arrival!

  14. Thank you, Merisi, for your wonderful photography and lyrical observations. I do, however, have to offer a correction. The two Turkish sieges of Vienna were in 1529 and in 1683. Luckily there was none in 1629 ;-). I learned that at school nearly 70 years ago...Have a wonderful spring.I hope to visit my hometown for the last time this summer. LG Walter in Australia

    1. Thank you, Walter, you are right, of course!
      I have corrected the date of the first Turkish siege of Vienna, to 1529.
      With best wishes,


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