Wednesday 20 March 2013

Vienna in Spring
Glimpses of Annagasse

Steeple of Annakirche
St. Anne's celebrating 500 years
1513 - 2013

Christian M. Nebehay
Old books and prints

An open window
welcomes spring

The façade of
Hotel zum Römischen Kaiser

Annagasse is an old, narrow street,
just off Kärntner Strasse
I love how the centuries-old façades
reflect the light even when the sun
does not reach down to street level
Photographed 19 March 2013
between noon and 1:00 PM
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. It must be wonderful to have Vienna available to you 24/7. O fortunata te!

  2. Man that book sign caught my eye. I want to take a trip just to visit that place

  3. Beautiful pictures, every one, but I agree that it was the bookshop sign that caught my eye. Merisi, are there indeed many treasures in that shop?


  4. I wish I could pop into that bookstore right now!

    I dream of visiting Vienna and my father who passed away almost two years ago, loved it. One day I will visit. Will you meet me for coffee then?

  5. Can you believe it is the first day of Spring? It was 34 degrees this am, but should be in the 50s by days in.....we hope...always love your artistic eye and your invaluable camera!

  6. Wonderful captures as always, Merisi, and, I too, love the bookstore and your BLUE skies!! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!

  7. A lovely shop sign and I am sure the shop is equally nice. Old books and prints would lure me right in.

  8. I wish you a beautiful spring !!!!

  9. I love the spring look. :-)

  10. Oh I love those old fashioned street signs!
    S delightful


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