Sunday 17 February 2013

Sunday Morning Sunshine
Viennese Moments

Sunday Morning Outlook
Lavender primrose basking
in the sunshine
on my windowsill

© by Merisi

Photographed with a
Nikon lens, 180mm at f2.8, handheld, manual focus
This Nikon P lens was built 1974 or earlier,
according to its serial number, #335463
More about the fascinating world of old Nikon lenses
at Ken Rockwell's Nikon 180mm history page and
Roland Vink's "Nikon Lenses", which I found thanks to Ken
I once bought a used Nikon F body in the USA from a professional photographer, and received a camera bag full of lenses and other paraphernalia as a generous gift. How generous,
I am only now beginning to understand.


  1. Almost like a delicate the colors...

  2. Contre-jour. And as they like to say, straight out of the camera. ;-)

  3. Beautiful primrose! Soon they'll appear for sale in our grocery store -- I always get a few (they're irresistible!)for our dining room and when the weather warms up, I plant them outside. Generally they flourish and return the next year.

  4. Dear Merisi, Thank you for this lovely Sunday morning gift of periwinkle blue. I love primroses and this beautiful photograph of yours is just the ticket. ox, Gina

  5. Lavender, such a beautiful word for a beautiful plant.

  6. Lovely flower, beautiful color and a delightful way to begin my day!! Hope you have a wonderful week, Merisi!

  7. Lavender Primrose - we would call it a Primula. Very pretty colour.

  8. So lovely flowers !
    Primroses are also a sign of renewal!
    A goud week to you !!!

  9. Fabulous, frame-worthy shot! Makes me feel happy just looking at it.
    Hoping that more spring moments are just around the corner for you :)

  10. this is a pretty picture. its nice to see flowers first thing in the morning, makes you feal more fresh

  11. Gorgeous ,Merisi. Your image looks like a painting. I'm sure the primula looks lovely on your kitchen window sill. Such a beautiful, soft shade! Wish I understood about camera lenses. Anyway, I do admire your artistic work and I'm inspired.


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