Thursday 14 February 2013

Ain't No Sunshine
Schönbrunn in Winter

Palm House
Gardens of Schönbrunn
13th District (Hietzing)
14 February 2013
© by Merisi

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  1. Cold but beautiful!! Wonderful capture, Merisi!! Stay warm and Happy Valentine's Day!!

  2. Very beautiful and peaceful photo, Merisi. Somehow, I always find snow much prettier in photos than in person...!

    Thank you so much for your visit to The Tearoom! Wishing you a beautiful rest of your Valentine's Day as well!


  3. Quelle merveille ! Merci Merisi

  4. Looks like a giant bird cage.

  5. What a lovely scene and that building is glorious in the snow...looks like a birdcage;') Happy Valentines Day~

  6. Merisi, first of all, as February 14 stretches towards the horizon, I wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day, and many thanks for all the beauty you send us throughout the year.

    Your Viennese snow views are the stuff that dreams are made of! I know that there must be all sorts of municipal scraping vehicles in elegant Vienna, that do keep some streets clear and the throb of business throbbing on. How glad I am that you shield us from these necessary, if not aesthetic realities.

    We might have a bit more snow here in NYC this weekend, and since I will have the weekend off from work ... how I do hope that I and my camera might get outdoors before our NYC Sanitation Department vehicles deny me the potential magic that snow in February offers.


  7. Discovered your blog today and love it! Keep up the good work :)

  8. Very beautiful photo for SWF!Thank you for it and have a nice weekend!

  9. I've been there during summertime.
    Quit cool in winter too!

  10. That really is a winter sky !!

  11. A white landscape is like a painting or a dream, as if it can be real as long as one would wish it to be...

  12. That is a beautiful, soft-looking landscape and the shapes of the topiary and the glasshouse stand out so well. I'm thinking that I would like to be inside the conservatory if I had the pleasure of walking there!
    Stay warm, Merisi!

  13. It's still a beautiful place even without sunshine. Great shot!

  14. Thank you all very much,
    Merisi xxx

  15. Ours has gone thankfully but this picture is pretty.


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