Wednesday 23 January 2013

Signs of Hope
in the Midst of Winter

Wrought Iron Curlicue
I was fascinated by this fencepost decoration
Curled like a fiddlehead, hand-forged a hundred years ago
The concertina wire, the green paint residue,
all doomed to rust away,
silent testimony of neglect

And then my lens
caught a sign of hope,

a promise of spring
on this cold winter day

Across town, warm comfort,
Viennese Coffee Melange
A few words, set to music,
decorate the paper cup,
"Dann wirst du, was ich schreib' ...."
A Schubert Lied? A wayfarer's song?

"Leise fliehen meine Lieder ... "
I sip coffee, drinking in the view

Photographed in the 13th and the 19th District
Hietzing and Kahlenberg
Images and Text © by Merisi

-> Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau sings Schubert's "Leise fliehen meine Lieder"
-> Gustav Mahler's "Songs of a Wayfarer
Enjoy! :-)


  1. Thank you for giving me some hope in this dreadful month, I needed it!

    1. You are welcome, Ilva!
      You salad brightened my day, quite beautifully, too. xxx

  2. Thanks for the Schubert and Mahler, with bright hopeful pictures. That melange looks so enticing.

    1. You are welcome, Kurwenal!
      I was quite surprised to find such good interpretations on Youtube.
      (My Mahler is sung by Frederica von Stade, and I love her deeply)

  3. Merisi, the little green shoot's answer to the frosty metal curlicue is comforting, as is that cup of caffe to go.

    Your final winter panorama view is a beauty!

    Here in New York, we shall remain below freezing until next Tuesday or Wednesday. It is difficult to be enthusiastic about heading out to my windy corner on the way to the subway.


    1. Thank you, Frances!
      I shot the first pictures yesterday. Even though it was sunny (lunchtime), I was sort of freezing my toes off, standing around, shooting pictures (I am fascinated with that house and scared it will be "renovated" to smithereens). xxx

    2. Merisi,let's hope that house will retain its unique beauty, adding pleasure to all who pass it by.

      16 degrees F here this evening.


  4. You gotta wonder about the person who put the effort into that piece. What possessed them? What were they trying or wanting to accomplish?

    1. Trying to quietly make the most beautiful fence ever? ;-)
      Remember, that's Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, Jugendstil time.

  5. I could not view all of these images until I clicked to leave a comment...only red x's. They are very nice though. Something artisitc in nature with the rusting of iron work~


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