Monday 3 December 2012

Sunday Morning in the City
Christmastime in Vienna

Michaeler Durchhaus
On the morning of
the first Sunday in Advent,
the sky hidden behind high fog and snow clouds,
a father and child walk on Michaelerplatz past
the passage way leading to Habsburgergasse

A Christmas tree
in the Michaeler Durchhaus

St. Augustine's Church
The church already filled to the last pew
and high mass with a performance
of Antonín Dvořák's Mass in D major will
commence any moment

2 December 2012
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. I'm loving strolling along with you in Vienna.
    I'm Luvin' it!

  2. Your last photo makes me want to be there to listen and watch! Wonderful.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. I love those vaulted ceilings like in the church. Wow.

  5. Merisi, I marvel at the quiet elegance of your first photograph and then try to imagine the beautiful music filling the church you show in the next picture. Isn't this a fine time of the year?


  6. Oh, yes, I love strolling through Vienna with you, too, Merisi, particularly at this time of year! So much beauty, history and elegance! Great way to start my day! Hope you have a good week ahead!!

  7. How lovely, Merisi! Thank you so much for such a beautiful tour.

  8. Everything so light and delicate.


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