Sunday 2 December 2012

Christmastime in Vienna
Around Town

Brick Wall and Green Fence
I found this inviting façade
near the former Ankerbrot Factory -
now a thriving arts center with galleries
showing contemporary photo art
10th District

White Christmas Trees
I happened upon this scene
one fine morning, probably a backdrop
for a stage being built for the Christmas village

Christ Child with Gifts
Antique Christmas ornament
Most Austrian children still hope for gifts from Baby Jesus
instead of the heavy-set Coca Cola guy, but he's making
inroads into Austrian Kinderstuben

After Sunset
Christmas lights over Mariahilfer Strasse,
one of Vienna's busiest shopping streets
6th District

Images and Text © by Merisi
-> Ankerbrot AG
-> Exhibition of large format photographs by Wim Wenders -
"Places, strange and quiet"
- at OstLicht Galerie, Ankerbrot Factory

-> Anzenberger Gallery, Ankerbrot Factory


  1. Hallo Merisi! How I wish I could spend Christmas there..missing Vienna so much... forever be my favorite city :D

  2. Looks as though the holiday fun is beginning!! Fun, colorful captures for the day, Merisi!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. Beautiful contrast of the contemporary graphic images set against the historical backdrop of a Viennese skyline.

  4. We just put up our Christmas tree tonight, so my ornament appreciation is heightened right now. What a beautiful antique Christmas ornament in the photo above! Has your holiday season been snow-free like ours has been in Minnesota?

  5. Your first photo looks too good to be true. Amazing what effects paint can have.

  6. In Poland St. Nicholas brings gifts.
    Warsaw is also getting it's Christmas bling on. Happy Sunday!

  7. Our little town has it's lights up and they are very nice. I do enjoy it a lot.

  8. I can't believe it's been 5 years since we visited Vienna during this beautiful time of the year.

  9. Very pretty Holiday sights, Merisi! I always love to visit your beautiful city. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! xx

  10. I love the simplicity of the first picture!

  11. Thank you all so much for your kind comments!
    Wishing you a wonderful week,

  12. LOVE that hanging sign!
    Love them all!


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