Thursday 29 November 2012

Early Bird sees the Sun
Today's Weather in Vienna

The Sun rose
bright and golden
this morning

illuminating even the darkest corner
of my kitchen, after it had climbed
over the roofs

Minutes later,
dark tatters of high fog
shrouded the view of this hooded crow
perched in a tree at least seven stories high -
reminders of the power of the Danube river gods,
always ready to play havoc with the Viennese weather forecasts
where mostly innubilious skies may or may not mean you'll see the sun

Photographed this morning
Images and Text © by Merisi

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  1. Oh your kitchen tiles, how lovely!!! Better weather for another day~

    1. The kitchen tiles, they came with the apartment. I have gotten so used to them, I'd miss them if they went away. ;-) They to reflect light nicely, though.

  2. Ah - gorgeous shots indeed!

  3. The hooded crow! I'm gonna use that as a story title sometime.

  4. Terrific captures as always, Merisi! I do love your bright kitchen!!

  5. What a cherry cheerful kitchen! With those tiles and coffee days must start on the right note (a bit of Viennese Waltz or maybe Marcha a la Turka).

  6. Great photos for SWF,Merisi!

  7. great way of capturing the changing weather.

  8. Exquisite pictures, I like your kitchen beautifully lit. Greeting.

  9. Lovely shots. Makes it worth getting up and out.

  10. It was sunny today? Really? Being at work I didn´t notice the sun... On Monday and Tuesday, when I had the days off, there was not even one ray of sunlight... Your kitchen looks great!!

  11. Glad you were able to catch some sun! It seems like the weather and sky can change on a dime! Happy Skywatching!

  12. Merisi, your poetic reporting of how morning light changes as it arrives, connected to your marvelous photo of the hooded crow, somehow jostled my mind around to a new wondering.

    Over here in the States, birds fly southward for the winter, and because I have lived south and north along our Atlantic coast, I've years of experience in viewing the migrations. So...silly me, I've never really wondered about the similar migrations of various bird species in the closer European climate ranges.

    Yes, I do know some of the markers, like the swallows, but never have quite thought about just which birds might be able to winter in northern European climates.

    And so, dear Merisi, I thank you yet again for getting my mind to rotate past its normal circling.


  13. Lovely post. Sunshine has a way of making any day a better day!

  14. what a fun post. gorgeous pictures, gorgeous words.

  15. Your kitchen looks delightfully bright and cheery. I love fresh images, there's always lots of beauty to find.

  16. I love your kitchen! Your photos are wonderful. Great post!

  17. nice shots! in my city it´s just snowing :)

  18. same sort of day here... beautiful photos!

  19. Echoing others, I love the happy feeling that red grout in your kitchen creates.


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