Sunday 14 October 2012

In a Viennese Garden
Early Autumn Light

The sunlit reeds
against the dark mirror of
the pond already in shade
reflecting the dark blue sky

The burning red leaves
had sent me flying for the camera

The vine clinging
elegantly to the balustrade
enjoyed its moment in the sun

A pink blossom,
all pleased with her own reflection,
let out a sigh, "I am the fairest of them all!"

"Leaning that much into the glaring light,
she'll wilt before her time,"
the little blue flower
whispered to her fellow mate,
"it may be too late
to be saved by the evening shade!"

Photographed 27 September 2011
around 4:45 PM from my window
Text and Images © by Merisi
R e p o s t


  1. The garden scenes are so great to see.

  2. Such a lovely sight to have from your window, Merisi! Delightful, colorful captures and beautiful flowers!!

  3. Lovely images and words, Merisi! Love that mossy walkway and flowery pond. xx

  4. Beautiful. The Autumn light, sounds and smells are so different to other times of the year I think.


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