Monday 15 October 2012

Gone Shopping - in Vienna
On a sunny Autumn Afternoon

Stiftskirche „Zum heiligen Kreuz“
Church of the Holy Cross
Mariahilfer Strasse

The sky's so blue, the light so bright,
I had to pull out my camera, even though
I was in the middle of a shopping expedition

Passageway towards the MuseumsQuarter courtyard -
in the background, a life-size poster of a Schiele
painting on a wall of the Leopold Museum

Looking Up
Walking up the stairway next to the Mumok's
anthracite-colored basalt facade,
a view of traditional and modern rooftops

Golden leaves
on the glass roof of the
winter garden annex of
the Glacis Beisl restaurant

And, finally, un cappuccino
at Café Eissalon Bortolotti
Mariahilfer Strasse

Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. The sky truly is gorgeous, and so is the church steeple/tower. It's always good to be carrying one's camera!

  2. Good thing the Schiele woman is wearing boots (leg warmers?) cause she could catch a cold. The guy holding hands with the girl knew he was going to be photographed by Merisi in this particular spot and graciously wore a sweater the colour of the Schiele lady's boots/leg warmers to complete the composition ;-).
    Looks like a perfect autumn day.

  3. What a vibrant day you experienced in your gorgeous Vienna!

  4. What a sky!
    What a poster!
    LOVE the sillouhetted figures

  5. That sky! My, my, my!

    Thank you, Merisi, for the brilliant autumn views.

  6. How better a way to finish a shopping trip than with a Cappuccino.


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