Tuesday 9 October 2012

Falling into Autumn
Viennese Escapes: Garden Show in Tulln

Artichoke Globe
In purple autumn robe

Purple Coneflower
Resplendent still

In a sea of marigolds and sedums

Autum Still Life
Corncobs, apple and elderberry juice,
And the ubiquituous pumpkin.

Wilde Weinrebe und Efeu
Common grapevine and ivy

Out to Lunch?
Watch out for bugs.
Weeds too!

By the Pond, Under the Olive Tree
Restaurant "Die Gärtnerei"
"The Nursery"
Creature comforts and great food guaranteed.
Excellent coffee too!
After all, this is only 20 minutes from Vienna. :-)

Purple Hammock
Give me your weary, your tired ...
Yes, free to jump in,
Garden kings and queens
It's a great show, isn't it?

For their turn


Photographed under an overcast sky
at the
"Die Garten Tulln
Lower Austrian Garden Show

The Heart of Garden Country

is the first and only ecological garden show in Europe

"The 50- hectare (approx. 120 acre) Danube marshland has been developed into a peaceful ecological nature reserve. Within this beautiful parkland 42 show gardens in different shapes sizes will be presented to the visitors. The visitor centre at the central clearing is the heart of the show.
It will provide information, ecological consultancy, a garden shop and recreation at a large restaurant with a terrace overlooking a pond.

A system of structured paths around the garden show, planned by an internationally acclaimed team of architects and carried out by local gardeners presents the show gardens. The main theme of the show is to represent the regional beauty with the Danube as the lifeline of Lower Austria. For this reason the exhibition emphasises water as a source of life. In a variety of gardens it is shown how water in ponds, fountains etc. can animate gardens and strengthen them as a place to rest and relax. The model gardens clearly demonstrate the achievements of our local nurseries and the landscaping skills of Lower Austria’s professional gardeners, but they also serve to inspire the visitor and offer innovative ideas for his/her own garden design. Moreover, ecological maintenance of gardens according to the philosophy of our initiative “Nature in Gardening” is shown to the visitor through a vast programme of lectures and practical gardening courses held by the “die umweltberatung”." *)

*) Information gleaned from
the garden show's website,
Die Garten Tulln
NÖ Landesgartenschau
R e p o s t
First published 28 September 2008


  1. Looking at my own pictures, four years later, I can't help but think:
    Why in the world are they so dark? ;-)

  2. What a gorgeous place, Merisi, an escape into color! And just outside of a big city! Thank you! ~Rita

  3. What a very pleasant visit to your space in this big world...Autumn ignites such a bounty of colours~

  4. It is a wonderful tour that you have given us. I like the crows waiting for an advantage.

  5. I think I love the coneflower most of all!

  6. Marvelous, colorful tour, Merisi! Great captures! I love the crows and the lovely flowers! Hope your week is going well!


  7. Those marigolds are wonderful.

  8. I'm showing ubiquituous pumpkins in New York today under overcast skies too!
    Love the bird sculptures...

  9. Gorgeous Autumn hues. I love the 'still life'. xx

  10. Beautiful images! (Counting the days...!)

  11. Wow! I really like those photos. Those are really a lovely shades. Cool share.

  12. Wonderful place to read and dream in direct contact with nature and near city !
    See you soon Meresi


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