Saturday 29 September 2012

Summer's Lease hath all too short a Date
Viennese Escapes: Lake Neusiedl

Sunset at Lake Neusiedl


Photographed by Merisi
29 September 2008
the same image
could have been shot on
the 7th of October, 2009,
a day of record breaking temperatures
for the month of October!
R e p o s t


  1. Dear friends,
    another repost, i know!
    I spent the day grape harvesting in the vineyards of a friend. You could almost see the lake, close by, but there was not time to venture closer. Rain was threatening and the late harvest Riesling (vendange tardive) needed to be brought in before the rain, Hard work, but fun in good company, being out in the the good air and the meals are great rewards.
    A wonderful weekend to all of you,

  2. What a beautiful place and what glorious skies to end the day!! Beautiful captures, Merisi, as always -- repost or not!! Could never tire of scenes like these!

  3. Beautiful scenes of a day at the lake! Soon to be a distant memory! Hope your harvesting days were lovely. xx


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