Saturday 1 September 2012

Drinking Coffee Elsewhere
Venice Dreaming

San Marco
ready to emerge
from the morning mist

Scents of Coffee
the hissing of a steamed-up espresso maker,
the comforting noise
of a spoon laid on a saucer,
stimulating olfactory senses

and then the collective sigh
of Java addicts around San Marco,
savouring that first sip of black gold

Images and Text
© by Merisi

Repost - first published 18 March 2011
Photographed 2010


  1. Nice photographs, interesting post. I am greeting

  2. How neat...the oldest paper, made from ancient blocks of wood, I sure would love a selection from wonderful~

  3. What a wonderful place to have one's morning coffee!! Wish I were there right now! Great shots as always, Merisi! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Are there any absinthe bars in Vienna?

  5. Such soft Venetian colors. Lovely.

  6. Black gold is the pleasure the world around. You seem to visit the greatest places with the greatest decor.

  7. If I lived in Venice, I would be breathless all the time (just from the beauty of the San Marco dome alone, not to mention the rest of the city) and I would need strong coffee to revive my senses.

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments!

    A wonderful weekend to you,

  9. That roof line of San Marco is one of my favorite sights. And the masses of tourists can't obscure it, thank goodness!

    Catching up on your beautiful posts -- loved the slightly tipsy picnic!

    1. San Marco is beautiful, no matter how many ants are busy on the piazza!

  10. Your angles make photography into art.
    The first one, St. Marco -- all that upper right emptiness is necessary.
    And the coffee... see, I am spiralling down into it, like a gull.
    You devil.

    1. Thank you, Cipriano!
      I hope you found what you were hoping for, down in that rabbit hole, er, java bowl. ;-)


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