Saturday 15 September 2012

A September Afternoon
in Vienna's Botanical Garden

Under the Linden Trees
Botanical Garden
of the University of Vienna

Upper Belvedere Palace
View from the
Botanical Garden

Photographed Saturday afternoon, 18 September 2010,
in the Botanical Gardenof the University of Vienna
Rennweg and Joaquingasse
3rd District

© by Merisi


  1. A lovely garden for a walk or a picnic. Your photos are beautiful. Happy weekend to you, Merisi! xx

  2. the garden is just so pretty at this time of year ... lovely pics :)

  3. Funny...we painted on Lindon Street in Rockland Maine but it didn't look anything like this...
    I prefer your view!

  4. It looks just lovely, Meresi - a great change from the dry, desert climate of Jaipur. Today, however, monsoon rains poured which was wonderful.

  5. What a lovely place and garden!! It does look like a wonderful place to spend some time just enjoying the beauty! Hope your weekend is going well, Merisi!! Enjoy!


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