Tuesday 3 July 2012

Gustav Klimt's Neighborhood
The leafy 13th District: Hietzing

Summer mornings,
walking in Klimt's neighbourhood,

I hold my breath
trying to imagine

where Klimt harvested
the colours for his paintbox

Photographed this morning in Hietzing, Vienna's 13th District,
a short walk from where Gustav Klimt had his studio
during the last six years of his life.
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. I'm thrilled to be able to follow you as you are touring these areas that are so rich in history. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. So that's where he got all the gold...gorgeous. Thank you.

  3. Oh how I wish my house were the beautiful colors here.

  4. I hear it would have been Klimt's 150th birthday this year and I was going to say "now I understand where all the gold in his paintings comes from".

  5. Annymouse03 July, 2012

    Quelle Klimptian
    I want to say...
    But wouldn't it be
    Rather passee?
    Through the window
    I do see
    A glimmer of printed robe
    and an old

  6. You have done an excellent job in your harvesting -- colors, textures, patterns, all make me think of Klimt. (One of my favorite painters)

  7. Thank you all for your comments - I enjoyed reading them one by one immensely! :-)

  8. Anonymous08 July, 2012

    Ohh! Thanks for taking us there!

  9. Thank you all!
    There is more to come,

  10. Oh to have a space such as this, how lovely~

  11. I have been circling this house and imagining how it must feel to renovate it and live in that house.

    Did you see what they did with the former Klimt Atelier? A mock! A bit like the House for an Art Lover in Glasgow.
    This is not about Klimt but about neighbours who did not want a 4-storey-building next to their house and did everything they could to get the Klimt Atelier listet. But now it is not about the Atelier, but mostly about the Villa that had been build after Klimt's death!
    Don't get me wrong - this IS a nice Villa. But not Klimt's Villa. ;-)

    1. Paula,
      it's a rather sad state of affairs. I was there at the opening after the villa, but did not even stay for the walk through. I much rather stroll around the neighborhood, trying to find places which he could have seen, visited in his lifetime.

      I walked past that abandoned villa during the snow storm yesterday. Somehow it "speaks" to me, it has character. I fear the day it too will undergo renovations.


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