Monday 2 July 2012

And there we go again:
Azzurri Blues, again, fours Years later

I Set Out
Full of Hope
Ready to Kick Have a Ball!

Visions of Sugarplums Victory
Dancing in my Head

Dangling along.

Golden Cleats
What better to wear?

A HuckleStrawberry Daiquiry,
Whilst discussing one last time
The chances of winning?

Most Had Already Abandoned The Downtown Scene
In search of a wide-sreen TV

Over at the Fan Zone
In midst the Pagan Feast.

One Last Fish!
Neptune pleaded,
When I tried to pull him along.

I decided to humor him,
And let him indulge.

Out of the Blue,
A Reflection,
In a window's dark vases,

A Premonition
Let A Shiver
Run down my spine.

"Oh, no!"
The little white mouserat bubbles and squeaks shrieked,
Yet the three monkeys
Did not hear, see, or speak!
(Note to the public:
Later, all three will be diagnosed
as suffering from hyperesthesia

Passing the Burggarten's Palm House
I spotted a lone football fan.
Reporting a 0:0?

A Milky Crescent Moon
Rose slowly over
A gilded planet Earth.

Anything Was Possible Still,
Impossible nothing!

Clicking on any of the images
Will reveal more Viennese impressions.

Monday, June 9, 2008
While walking from Kohlgraben to Heldenplatz
Around 7pm.

Euro 2008
Switzerland - Czech Republic 0-1
Portugal - Turkey 2-0
Austria - Croatia 0-1
Germany - Poland 2-0
Romania - France 0-0
Netherlands - Azzurri 3-0
Spain - Russia 3:0 4:1
Sweden - Greece 2-0

First published 10 June 2008


  1. Thanks for the scoreline - I know where to check in to keep the boy up to date!

    Thanks also for your comments at my site. I doubt it would be an international incident with Maalie. Maybe national. ;0) He is very knowledgeable about birds and the like. I should have checked it out. But I write my blogs "freehand" rather than researching everything. Maalie is just enthusiastic and sometimes he might speak before he thinks (or write before he thinks where he is writing it!) I cannot say I have never spoken before brain is in gear...

  2. Any girl wearing those fish-lure ear-rings with me would have to watch out. I wouldn't be able to resist pretending I was a trout...

    Another very witty and superbly constructed post.

  3. How absolutely fantastic, just a wonderful post full of whimsey and valor, testing and scores...well done my friend, well done!

  4. I am lucky enough to have two nations to cheer for. If I cared which I don't. Lovely photos!

    You are welcome!
    Good that everything's sorted out now, sort of. ;-)

    Thank you.
    I thought the duck earring looked rather cute (and then again, those may have been other animals, what do I know? *g*)

    What's left to do when you are stuck with that kind of photographic material? Spin a tale!
    Thank you!!!

    I have got two also.
    Both need a miracle, though, to stay in the competition. Tough luck!

    I have played soccer myself, so I am with your family all the way. ;-)

  7. Merisi: Oh, they are certainly ducks. They appear to be fledglings of the Viennese sub-species of the Eurasian Mallard Anas platyrhynchos wienenis.

    When full grown they go very well with sauce made with oranges from Andalucia.

  8. Love the strawberry daiqury shot..
    Do you wear the home team's colors?
    Decked out in gold? :)

  9. Hey M,
    loved the strawberry daiguari shot, reminds me of my place in Florida.
    On you way to the Heldenplatz, did you ever figure out what those heads above the doors are doing there?

  10. A perfect score to you, O Football Fan!

  11. a delightfully funny post. it made my evening!

    my daughter, a college goalie, would love the soccer earrings!

    what position did you play?

  12. Anonymous11 June, 2008

    The milky crescent is fantastic with the golden globe, it looks like a fairy tale's illustration, the harmony of colors is particulary beautiful.

  13. You know, I don't think we've heard "diddly squat" about Euro 2008 over here.

    I agree with Bridget - the milky crescent over the gilded earth is beautiful!

    I don't wear any team's colors, I try not to attract attention, hanging around like shrubbery, while taking my pictures. ;-)

    I am not sure I am going to wear those ducks into winter, when I'd like to eat them. ;-)

    I walk by those heads fairly often, even Monday night, but have not gotten around to dig into their history. I did photograph them, though.

    That daiquiri reminded me of Garrison Keillor's "A Prarie Home Compagnion" - he once told a story about a guy coming into a bar, ordering i huckleberry daiquiry, causing all sorts of misunderstandings.

  15. HALFMOM:
    I played the libero,
    also left forward.

    Thank you,
    I am having fun! ;-)

    Thank you! :-)

    I loved the scene too, it's a particularly beautiful place, the most beautiful reading room of the Austrian National Library is located under that roof, at the Josefsplatz.
    The difference between the quiet of Josefsplatz, and the boisterous football part at Heldenplatz, only a few steps away, was particularly striking that night.

    Well, what do you think that I know about Australian Football Championships? Do you even play football/soccer down under? ;-)

  18. Beautifully done from start to finish. I'm impressed!

  19. such beautiful images with such interesting perspectives!

  20. May I assume you're cheering for Austria? Very nice shots.

  21. HILARY:
    Thank you! :-)

    Thank you!
    I tried to do my best with what I encountered.

    Honestly, I cheer for any team that plays well (love the Spanish one, for example, great soccer!). The Italian Azzurri are close to my heart (poor performance this time!), and of course I would cheer if the Austrians won. Having spent quite some time talking to people from other nations, and seeing how much hope they bring to Vienna and the games, I couldn't but be more than happy with any winner. May the best prevail! :-)

  22. somehow I had a feeling you played sweep - always the one my daughter was most grateful for!

  23. Wow.
    That daiquiry is positively enchanting.

  24. Dear Readers,
    I hope you don't mind that every now and then I return to older posts and that I republish them just they way they were, comments included. It is a comforting exercise to see so many of you still coming back. Thank you for your words, I treasure them, today and over the years.
    A wonderful week to all of you,

  25. Oh, yes. Euro 2012 is over. Very impressive win by Spain last night. Warsaw will feel empty without the crowds of European fans in many different national colours, scarfs, flags, and painted faces.
    However, we will be happy to have some of the main streets and two bridges opened to traffic again :-).
    P.S. Thank you for the explanation re; the Greek and Roman historians at the Austrian Parliament.

  26. Hi Merisi, just wondering if you are on Facebook. The tags or labels as blogger call them are added by you, Go to the page where you do a new post, (if you use blogger) look to the right of the page and there you should see LABEls, you add your own labels, and then it is saved, for you to use again. I hope this explaination is ok, sorry cannot be of more help.

  27. Wow - great photos, funny lines, and I love the moon over the golden globe... so romantic!


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