Tuesday 17 July 2012

Coffee in the Morning
Viennese Moments

Großer Schwarzer
Double shot espresso
and morning papers

Café Orlando di Castello
Freyung 1

Some mornings hit you at full speed
at the break of dawn when the birds start singing
and the time to play is for one image only.
You are invited, though, to linger longer:
just hit one of the labels below and then wander
amongst the images of days gone by, and if you want,
you can continue clicking the labels in perpetuity.
Enjoy meandering,
and a wonderful day to all of you, and
thank you for yesterday's comments,
they were all the sugar I needed in my coffee this morning,
Image © by Merisi

First published April 2012
This is a repost - time and muse would not allow for more inspiration
Thank you all!
50mm lens


  1. And how tempting...to lose oneself in Merisi's world...

  2. Thank you, Vicki,
    you make my day! xxx

  3. I enjoy your little world oh so much and missed you yesterday and getting caught up this morning, while awaiting my meds to do their magic~

    1. Good morning, Early Bird!
      Thank you and all the best to you,
      M. xxx

  4. Anonymous21 July, 2012

    I like that cup with its pedestal.

  5. This is how I spent my day - newspapers and coffee. It was 2 p.m. before I got out of my pajamas! (At home... not at a
    Coffee House ')


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