Sunday 6 May 2012

Sunday Morning in the City
St.Stephen's Cathedral

St. Stephen's Cathedral
as you first see it
when walking from Mozart's apartment
through the throughway of the building
separating Domgasse and St. Stephen's Square

on the northeastern wall
of St. Stephen's Cathedral,
built after the victory
over the Turks in 1456

of the cathedral on
a direction sign at the entrance
to the Deutschorden building


Clicking on the title of the first image
will take you to Joseph Haydn's "Creation"

Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Here in Australia I sorely miss history staring you in the face at every turn.

    Have a happy day Merisi.

  2. Merisi, it looks as if May is offering you glorious photographic possibilities. Your views are always enhanced by your words and the notion of combining certain pictures in certain sequences.

    You've allowed my day such a fine beginning. xo

  3. Hmmmm...your second specialty is DOORWAYS!
    after my fav..the spoon on the glass...
    merci carolg


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