Wednesday 21 March 2012

Speak softly
Spring carries a light Touch

One of the first addresses I went in search of
when I moved to Vienna was this quaint, narrow lane.
I knew about the place from Thomas Bernhard
mentioning it in "Wittgenstein's Nephew"
... my relations with Paul, which began at
our friend Irena's apartment in Blumenstockgasse

A few more steps and we'd be back
at Blumenstockgasse

Daffodils and Willow Catkins
Stephensplatz and Churhausgasse

Fink - finch
schmieren - deface
The urge to deface public spaces
seems to know no reason or cure -
I rather pity the poor innocent finch!

Spring Cleaning
Only steps from the defaced wall,
a gentleman in blue, washing windows

Photographed March 2012
Images and Text © by Merisi
50mm lens


  1. I know that graffiti is considered by many to be an art form but I loathe it, especially in historical areas.

    I love the blossom images below, dazzling!

  2. The daffodils and willow catkins are so very pretty.

  3. Blumenstockgasse and Ballgasse are my favourite small streets in the first district. Do you know the SchokoLadenWerkstatt in Ballgasse?

  4. when I look at your photos I realize how less I know of this city, how much more is there to discover. a wonderful endeavor :)!

  5. The arched pathway is so beautiful. I remember back when there was really no such thing as defacing walls like that. Now days, it seems common behavior and some say art form, but I am of the old school thinking of no it is not. Those Willow sprigs are so lovely too~

  6. acornmoon,
    in this case, and too often, it is basically defacing other people's property.

    I love how the sun just reached the flowers.

    oh yes, I discovered the chocolate shop soon after I moved here, must have been late spring six years ago (time flies!). I can't find an earlier picture (I am sure I have), here's one from 2009:
    Schoko Laden Ballgasse

  7. Lara,
    yes, a never ending and rewarding endeavour! ;)

    the flowers are balsam for the soul! :-)

  8. The key to Viennese music, coffee and cakes - love the first photo.

  9. Great diverse collection of moments...


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