Wednesday 21 March 2012

The Cherry Orchard
Spring in Vienna

"... everywhere I have been,
every minute, day and night,

my soul has been full
of mysterious anticipations.
I can hear the sound of its footsteps....

I feel the approach of happiness, Anya;
I see it coming ...

it is coming towards us,
nearer and nearer;

And if we do not see it,
if we do not know it,
what does it matter?
Others will see it."


17 April 2010

St. Marx Cemetery
3rd District
© by Merisi

"Be free, be free as the wind...."

Quotes from
Anton Chekhov's play
"The Cherry Orchard"


  1. How gorgeous your photogrpahs are! I love cherry blossoms and I don't have them where I live so I enjoyed your post so much. Thanks for the spring sights and I almost thought I could smell them as well :)

  2. I just love when the cherry blossoms start appearing. Your photos are gorgeous!

  3. Joyeux printemps chère Merisi.

  4. Valerie,
    thank you!
    I went to St. Marx cemetery on Sunday, to check on the cherry blossoms. They are not open yet, but soon, I am sure. ;-)

    thank you! :-)

    merci beaucoup! :-)

  5. Cherry blossoms!

    I haven't seen those in Paris...
    A Parisen friend just took off for Japan to catch them..
    He could have gone to Vienna & had less jetlag.


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