Monday 26 March 2012

Towards High Noon in March
Vienna in Spring

What are those guys
fighting about?

Façade in the Shade
Windows reflecting
the sunny side of the street

St Michael's Gate
A few men behaving badly in public

Tree catching the Sun
Jungmann's shop windows

Vienna Opera House
View from Albertina Palais

Photographed 25 March 2012
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. HIGH NOON in the OK coral!!
    nice light
    Where's Gary?

  2. Carol,
    how could you miss Gary? Marshal Will Kane is sitting next to the coachman, in the first picture! *smile*

  3. It's the horses that I adore..and the carriage...I'd love to take a ride!

  4. Merisi, New York's early springtime warmth has now been blown away by very stiff breezes. We hope that the pretty flowers get through the next few nights.

    (Hope that the Park Avenue tulips will be okay!)

    Meanwhile, I see that Vienna continues to reveal its beauty indoors and out. xo

  5. All pleasant images, Merisi! Beautiful the view of Vienna Opera House.

  6. There's some awfully cool visuals here.

  7. Love those "guys behaving badly" :) Your blog, gorgeous photos and humor inspire me and make me want to travel to Vienna. I'd like to award you the Versatile Blogger award as thanks. You can see it here:

  8. No one is better at keeping true to their "About Me" statements than you are, Merisi.
    Yours begin with "I seek to capture the beauty that is present in every day..." and you never fail in this ambition. Thank you for these gorgeous pictures, time and again.
    I visit you when I want to feel peaceful -- which is... often.

  9. Sandi McBride,
    I was walking with a friend - who was literally between trains and we used the two hours to explore the area "around Demel" - and we agreed to take a Fiaker ride, next time we meet.

    oh, I hope "my tulips" on Park Avenue stand tall and safe! Will you be able to take pictures for me, again, please? When the pear trees and the tulips bloom, I get very nostalgic for your fair city.

    Albertina palace was built on the old city walls and the main entrance's is high up above the square of the same name and therefore affords a beautiful view of the opera house from above. What you see is the side and the back of the opera house, the main facade and entrance are on the Ringstrasse.

  10. Hilary,
    after six years (time flies!) the beauty of the city - and how it changes with the light - still takes my breath away.

    Sharon, @ Sharon's The Teacup Incident, thank you very much for the honor!

  11. Cipriano, dear friend,
    how can I ever thank you for the kind words and encouragement you have given me over the years?
    You are one of those who carried me through the years I went back to school, which I loved, but which were also cruelling times where I needed more than ever the support of those who believed in me. I shall be forever grateful for that (I often thought of Hamlet then. "I must be cruel, only to be kind").

    Dear friends, if you love books, Cipriano's Bookpuddle is for you!

  12. Martha in Vienna,
    a special thank you to you too! :-)

  13. Diamants windows sparkling in the sun, fairy Vienna that you catch!(I'm not sure of my english but I hope you see what I mean !o)

  14. Spring IS the time to behave badly in public ;-).

  15. Such kind words from you. Thank you, Merisi.

  16. I love your city ! Wonderful façades and palaces.
    Nice day Merisi !

  17. these photos are great inspiration :D thanks for posting

  18. Thank you, everybody - you make me smile! xxx


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