Tuesday 27 March 2012

Sunday Morning in the City
The Emperor's Greenhouse and Gardens

Butterfly behind Glass
Poor fellow,
what must he think

looking out at the sunny
interior of the emperor's greenhouse

where everyone but him
is free to come and go

or sit outside
in the sunshine?

Photographed Sunday morning at the emperor's greenhouse, built in the early 1900s by Jugenstil architect Friedrich Ohman. It is now home to a tropical butterfly house* and the Palmenhaus Café*
Images and Text © by Merisi
* the links are alive!


  1. Butterfly behind glass. That's a pretty powerful image. Resonates in me in all kinds of ways.

  2. errr...isn't that a moth per chance?
    Boy is Spring busting out all over in Vienna!
    I should get myself to a park I suppose...

  3. Again, these photos are magic.
    I clicked on the links, the panoramic view of the cafe is just incredible. Like dining at Versailles!
    I also am impressed with their generous hours -- they do not shy away from night-time service. It's got to be to die for!
    Incredible. An adagio of a place.

  4. I could easily spend all day there.

  5. Emperor's greenhouse looks a wonderful place!

  6. The emperor's greenhouse is just gorgeous~

  7. Charles Gramlich,
    tells of heartbreak, among other things. I really felt for the poor creature. On the other hand, it lives probably a pretty good life, pampered, in the other half of the emperor's greenhouse from where it can do some safe people watching.

    Paris Breakfasts:
    I would not be surprised if you were right.
    I miss my one commentator who always put names to the various creatures I managed to capture.

    yes, quite imperial, indeed. ;-)

    and I'd keep you company! ;-)

    I agree! :-)

  8. What a beautiful space in which to eat.


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