Tuesday 6 March 2012

The Remains of a Rainy Day
Cutting Floor Elegy

What's up, Sweeties?
Café Diglas

Claes Oldenburg
Exhibition poster

Brick Wall and Green Ivy
Prince Eugene's Privy Garden
3rd District

The Landing
Strudlhof Steps
on a rainy day
in February
9th District

An apparently most delicious concoction,
yellow cake layers filled with a rum-soaked filling
of cake crumbs, jam, candied oranges and chocolate.
My mamma always said they use old cake crumbs,
and therefore I never dared to eat one.
I am sure, though, that Diglas makes everything
fresh and from scratch!

Clicking on the high-lighted names under each image
will lead you to more pictures
of those places -
enjoy! :-)

Photographed in February 2012
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Oh my gosh, you are tempting me Merisi.
    I am having today off, just had a plate of left over risotto and a glass of white wine in my studio, sitting here dreaming of Venice. Then your pink Vienna marvels pop up on my screen.

    Time for coffee I guess, and lucky me, I have some left over cake from my mother´s 82nd birthday yesterday.

  2. I had to smile...your momma said that, too sweet! I think that if I were where you are, I would be very large, for I should most assuredly have to sample all of the delicacies that you show on here, including those sweet little cakes!

  3. Little Punschkrapferls give a lot of PUNC(S)H :-)

  4. I bet Lana would drool over those pink candies. Are those the things called petit fours? I don't even know how to spell it.

  5. Oh! My
    The c akes sound delicious.

  6. Oh, so delicious-looking!


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