Thursday 1 March 2012

Café Hawelka
Where once upon a time is now

"... it must be said

that the Viennese coffeehouse

is a particular institution
which is not comparable to any other
in the world..."

* Stefan Zweig,
"The World of Yesterday.
Memories of a European"

I remember reading those lines
for the first time, far from Vienna,
and I have reread Zweig's poignant memoirs
a few times since.

It still seems unreal
that I live here now and
more than six years have passed
since I first set foot into Hawelka's.
I still think of Stefan Zweig
when I go there.

Hawelka's coffee Melange is among Vienna's best.
I often need two, to last me through my readings,
with a soft-boiled egg - brain food, you know.

Saturday morning at
Café Hawelka

Images and own text © by Merisi



  1. I'm catching my breath over your delicious boiled egg...
    No doubt about it.

  2. Lovely pics M - makes me want to go there.

  3. How lovely to have this beautiful coffee house to visit, read, and write. Love the photos too.

  4. Your viennese cafés make me dream . I wish my fiancé could read english and understand how much I want to come to Vienna ...

  5. So civilized -- though I did just read that Mcdonald's was bringing deep-fried McRibs to Austria. Let's hope I was mistaken and it was Australia.

  6. Merisi, I love what Emily D observed.

    I thank you for letting me see her words. I also thank you for reminding me of Mr H and Mr Z. I must return to the library stacks and check out more of Zweig's books. I must prolong my dreams of Viennese coffee house for just a bit more time.

    Thank you again for those wonderful glimpses of Carnival in Venice...some year I will see it with my own eyes.


  7. Paris Breakfasts,
    Hawelka's coffee and eggs are utterly delicious indeed! :-)

    well, let's go! ;-)

    it is certainly a wonderful place to escape cabin fever! ;-)

  8. Mélanie A.,
    try to convinces him with images. After all, pictures say more than a thousand words. ;-)

    Vicki Lane,
    I dare say that some Austrians quite like "Mäcky" - judging from the lines. ;-)

    thank you for your kind words. I truly appreciate them.


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