Wednesday 29 February 2012

Vienna in Winter: Prince Eugene's Belvedere
The Privy Garden on a rainy Day in February

At Prince Eugene's Belvedere
A walk in the prince's
Privy Garden on a rainy day
at the end of February

A glimpse of the
Salesian Church on Rennweg

Garden walls and a wrought iron gate
that leads to the terraced gardens beyond,
connecting the Lower Belevedere Palace to
the Upper Palaces on top of the hill

Stone steps and brick walls
with espaliered trees

A view of from the Privy Garden
of the Lower Belvedere's Orangerie

A Hooded Crow,
reflected in a rain puddle
in one of the garden's fountains

Photographed in the afternoon of 28 February 2012
For a sunnier view, click here: Belvedere in Autumn
or on the "Belvedere" label below, for an even longer walk. Enjoy! :-)
Images and Text © by Merisi


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  2. What a nice visit to the Prince's garden estate, how beautiful it is there! I love the mood in this series~

  3. What a beautiful garden -- an entire wall of espalier! But what really got my attention was the iron gate.

  4. What a beautiful garden -- an entire wall of espaliered trees (my favorite)! But what really got my attention was that iron gate. Incredible!


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