Thursday 19 January 2012

Vienna in Winter

Looking Up
A view of the top floors
of an apartment building
on Siebensterngasse.
On the left hand, a glimpse
of rooftops on Stiftgasse heading down
to Burggasse.

A window
reflected in the glass

of the vetrine-like display space
of a flower shop
Feichtinger Blumen

It is images
like this artfully decorated flower shop
of which the cloth of everyday Vienna is woven
and which anchor this city firmly in a vibrant present
and at the same time in its rich past


Images and Text
Copyright 2010-2012 by Merisi



  1. I cannot think of anybody else that can make shop windows look so gorgeous as you do! your Vienna adds to the image of my Vienna and together result into the most beautiful city in the world. and thank you for each image you bring to me!

  2. I just love that flower shop and the way they have decorated the window display.

  3. Ah, lovely. Looking into a flower shop window is just the thing for today...xo, Merisi.

  4. Images like these seem to capture a world between worlds - full of faerie...♥

  5. that reflection is very cool.

  6. Sheesh!
    Crystaline there.
    Blinding light too...

  7. I agree with Lara. You write with so much love and pride about this beautiful city.


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