Tuesday 17 January 2012

Drinking Coffee Elsewhere
Venice Dreaming

San Marco
ready to emerge
from the morning mist

Scents of Coffee
the hissing of a steamed-up espresso maker,
the comforting noise
of a spoon laid on a saucer,
stimulating olfactory senses

and then the collective sigh
of Java addicts around San Marco,
savouring that first sip of black gold

Images and Text © by Merisi
First posted March 2011


  1. Do you have the name of the paper shop referred to in the sign?
    When I was in Venice last October, I "discovered" this store. I highly recommend it, if you are interested in handmade paper, marbled paper or handmade books.

  2. I love the poetry on your comment form - on a side-note :)
    And these photos are amazing, dreamy! I was sort of feeling sorry for you when you mentioned your long train journey ahead, but now I don't ! Serves you right, going to Venice ;) Have a great trip!!

  3. Traitor!
    How can you even think of it?
    I guess one can become bored with Vienna...too much of a good thing?

  4. I immediately recognised the spires of San Marco. Would love to be sipping a coffee in that wonderful square.

  5. You make me wish for the taste of a rich delicious cup of coffee today.
    Today we had breakfast in a local coffee shop.
    Coffee....not so good!
    My mouth was so ready, what a disappointment.

  6. Beautiful blues ... oh I miss Venice.

  7. I am not a coffee drinker, but when I go to Vienna, I think I will become one. ;-)


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