Friday 13 January 2012

Tea at Café Museum
Once upon a Time and now again

Tea at the Museum
Café Museum is open once again,
after yet one more renovation

or better yet,
restoration of the 1930s renovation,
designed back then by Josef Zotti,
a student of Josef Hoffmann

It is a bright and spacious
place to relax, read the papers,
meet friends or business partners
or get some work or study done.

Yes, Viennese coffee houses
have arrived in the brave new world
of free internet and electric sockets!

Soft-boiled eggs in the glass
and tea or coffee Melange
and so much more, all still there,
to sustain you all day long
into the night!


Photographed by Merisi
January 2011
Café Museum
Corner of Friedrichstrasse
and Operngasse

In 2010, Café Museum was restored
to its 1930s splendour
It is now a no smoking coffee house!

Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. I think it looks grand and I love those newsprint hangers. How neat are those!

  2. I was good until the soft boiled eggs. Yuck! :)

  3. This brought back good memories of our evening visit there! And the eier im glas was one of my favourite new Vienna experiences :)

  4. I love the silver sphere pendant lamps? Fantastisch!

  5. This looks like a nice place to visit. I really like the design of the dishes they use in their business.

  6. thank God for no smoking! I really have a problem with swallowing my coffee along with the smoke of the others!

  7. Beautiful :)
    So when I miss Vienna I only need to look at your articles, and hooop I'm in Vienna again..
    Great light by the way, so inviting...

  8. Thank you all!
    I will come back to this post's comment,
    first I need to finish packing and a few errands .... ;-)


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