Thursday 12 January 2012

Spring is in the Air
Red Tulips on my Windowsill

Red Tulips
on my windowsill

Photographed around noon
© by Merisi


  1. Your winter seems to be like mine here...
    My geraniums and my fuschias are still blossoming... Unbelievable !!!

  2. Springtime in a vase - and a beautiful vase, at that!

  3. I saw red tulips in the grocery store today and almost bought them. Then I though, wait a minute, it's still winter, what am I thinking? Your post has inspired me though, to embrace the spring which is certainly in the air. I'll go back tomorrow and buy a bouquet for my house :-) Happy New Year Merisi!

  4. Marie-Noëlle,
    winter it is only by name and short daylight hours (5PM, and pitchdark out there). The West of Austria got all the snow, it seems.

    Vicki Lane,
    it may be only a fluke, for now, but it sure feels good to have a few of those gorgeous springlike days!

    I happened to have to do in the Naschmarkt area today around noon and have the incredible luck of being able to steal two hours out my day, walking, and having a late breakfast outdoors at Nemi's.
    My tulips are from Spar, and they were grown in Lower Austria, 3€.

  5. This is definitely Springtime in a gorgeous vase.
    It feels like Spring here too.
    We just haven't had any Winter here at all. When it does happen I think it will clobber us.
    We desperately need rain but oh the sunny days are really Feel Good Days.

  6. Those red tulips look just grand in that blue vase. Your photograph just catches that spirit that tulips can give!

    I've now started my "second crop" of paperwhite bulbs, and this trio seems to have a group leader that is destined to put on a show in about a week.

    Must remember to get some hyacinths to join that blooming parade.


  7. Just what we need on a gloomy winter's morning, a vision of spring!

  8. They look beautiful. If they were on my windowsill, they would be frozen...8' windchill and 13'...woosh...cold~


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