Thursday 20 June 2013

It's getting later all the Time
Stopping Time at "Il Tempo"

in Vienna's Josefstadt

Tempus Fugit
The crevice

through which
time flees
can be ameliorated,

even patched,
through the healing powers

of thoughts
put to paper


Images and Text
© by Merisi

"Si sta facendo sempre più tardi"
is one of my favorite books,
written by the Italian writer Antonio Tabucchi.
Even though the English translation
is "It's getting later all the time",
I was not even thinking of Tabucchi's novel
while I wrote the title of this post.
I was reflecting on how everything stays in flux,
the season, the day, life,
how it is getting later all the time, indeed.

I leave you with
Roman Hofstetter's Andante cantabile,
This melody captures
what I tried to put in words a thousand times better.

on a late Sunday afternoon
in October 2010 at Il Tempo Café Bistro
Josefstadt (8th District)


  1. beautiful light! and a gorgeous smile!

  2. How interesting to hear about this book of Tabucchi's. Coincidentally I've just bought his 'Pereira Maintains' (Sostiene Pereira), having heard great reviews of it, and about to start reading it!

  3. Looks like that fellow is having a pint rather than a coffee. I'm down with that.

  4. I love the idea of thought putting a patch on time! Thanks! :)

  5. Time certainly flies. All the time. At least for me. ;-)

  6. I just love this series. Great post!

  7. you know what? more and more I wish to move there ..

    love many of the shots in this post :)


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