Saturday 28 January 2012

Land of Big Sky and Snow
Western Austria in Winter

Merisi's Viennese Escapes

Big Sky
Where snow and horizon meet

or so you think,
until you reach the top
of a hill and more mountains
remind you that the horizon's further still

and you turn around
and walk back into the village,

its beautiful Bregenzerwald farmhouses
with wood shingle sidings

and rows of windows
with wooden shutters
offering a warm embrace

Looking at these traditional buildings
you would not expect that
Vorarlberg - home to the Bregenzerwald Region -
is the European center of modern architecture,
would you?
Well, traveling through the region
will offer you stunning examples of both
traditional and modern architecture.
Its beauty took my breath away.

Photographs & Text © by Merisi

Here are links about the Bregenzerwald Region and its architecture:
o> Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg
"Famous for its contemporary architecture, throughout Vorarlberg's Bregenzerwald classic wooden buildings are preserved, yet also enhanced, in bold modern form."
o> network of architecture guided tours
by architects, architectural historians and writers

In a previous post, you'll find an example of modern architecture in Vorarlberg:
o> Women's Museum in Hittsau
o> Book review: Sustainable Architecture in Vorarlberg by Ulrich Dangel
o> Austria Travel Info: Vorarlberg


  1. What a beautiful blue sky you show in these photos. I love the variety of the landscapes you show on your blog.

  2. Makes me want to live in one of those places. I do like our little place pretty well, though.

  3. We just missed each other by a hair in terms of timing and distance. See my posts next week :-).

  4. I really like the wooden buildings and all the windows.
    They look so cozy on a cold and snowy day.

  5. stunning landscapes and beautiful pictures. Thanks

  6. Looks beautiful! I love those wooden houses.

  7. Snow looks lovely when it is crisp like this. Are you a good skier?

  8. Not checked in for a while!! Glad you are still producing great stuff. Love the second photo of the person approaching the bench!


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