Monday 12 December 2011

Dreaming of a White Christmas
As Evening falls at Christmastime

of a white Christmas
while looking at a turquoise tree

in the twilight of an afternoon
mild enough to enjoy a cup of tea
sitting at a sidewalk

wondering whether snow
will ever come

pondering the earthly delights
hidden behind glass fronts

while out there,
window shopping

in Margareten, 5th District
Saturday, as a grey afternoon
slid into an even darker evening
Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Un bonjour en passant,

    Cette période est belle avec toutes ses décorations scintillantes !!!

    belle semaine

  2. I absolutely LOVE the white table and the chairs!

  3. It's still looking slightly spring-like in all those lovely pastels. I'm sure there will be snow...and I am looking forward to those photos so I can vicariously enjoy a white Christmas.

  4. Hi Merisi!

    What bright colors and lots of light in your pictures! Sunshine and no snow? Have you had any snow yet?

    This school year has been a wild ride to say the least. Have let a lot of things I enjoy go to the include visiting my favorite blog.....YOURS!!! I'm looking to change that in the coming new year.

    Hope you're enjoying the holiday season with your friends and family.

    Warm hugs to you,

  5. I really like the turquoise tree.

  6. I love those pale colours- and what a wonderful picture the words conjure up too.

    Chrissy at Manchester: a photo a day at Mancunian Wave

  7. That's kind of a blue Christmas, I would say.

  8. Ooh, I love the little turquoise tree with the toadstools...looks faintly poisonous, like an enchanted faerie tree that might inhabit the Unseelie court.

  9. We have a lot of snow up here. I was out cross country skiing yesterday :-)

    Happy Christmas anticipation.

  10. Loving Turquoise Vienna!
    What a delight!

  11. Love the tree!!!! funky but sweet.

  12. I like chasing the turquoise through this series...

  13. I love all the turquoise touches all around Vienna but the Christmas tree... Not too keen on that...
    That's very personal. Can't get used to it.

    The weather seems to be the same here...
    NO snow = Happy me ! (I like it on the slopes !)

  14. Now you'd think that tree would be in Florida.


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