Saturday 10 December 2011

Coffee With Angels
On the Left Bank of the Vienna River

Questions About Angels
"Of all the questions you might want to ask
about angels, the only one you ever hear
is how many can dance on the head of a pin
Billy Collins

Have you ever wondered
what angels do

besides giggling
about the utter silliness

of even trying
to stand on a pin?

Thinking about
having a cup of heavenly coffee Melange?
Right down here
in Vienna.

Saturday Morning
at Café Savoy

Savoy opens late
in the afternoon and into
the wee hours of the morning,
except Saturdays, when
you can have your coffee-fix
also in the morning.
Linke Wienzeile
Next to Naschmarkt
6th District


The first three lines
are quoted from
Billy Collins' poem "Questions About Angels.
The following silliness
is mine and is,
along with the images,
© by Merisi


  1. That gold filigree is gorgeous.

  2. Two weeks ago, our Bible study group did an interesting short study on angels and it was really all so with angels...I like that very much!

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog, and I love it! My husband and I--both big Billy Collins fans--visited Vienna last November (we got to Salzburg in time for their Christkindlmarkt). I had never been to Austria before, and now I can't wait to go back in summer 2012 with his choir! Thank you for sharing your photos and verse.

  4. Last weeks New Yorker cover had an angel reading on the subway on her Kindle :)
    Yours are nicer...


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