Saturday 31 December 2011

Café Hawelka
In Memoriam Leopold Hawelka

Leopold Hawelka
11 April 1911 - 29 December 2011

"... it must be said

that the Viennese coffeehouse

is a particular institution
which is not comparable to any other
in the world..." *

* Stefan Zweig,
"The World of Yesterday.
Memories of a European"

I remember reading those lines
for the first time, far from Vienna,
and I have reread Zweig's poignant memoirs
a few times since.

It still seems unreal
that I live here now and
more than five years have passed
since I first set foot into Hawelka's.
I still think of Stefan Zweig
when I go there.

Hawelka's coffee Melange is among Vienna's best.
I often need two, to last me through my readings,
with a soft-boiled egg - brain food, you know.

Photographed on a
Saturday morning in spring 2011
Café Hawelka

"Viennese Cafe Icon Leopold Hawelka,
host to princes, poets and playwrights,
dead at 100"

(Quoited from the article in the Washington Post -
click on the text to read more)

Images and own text
© by Merisi
First published with the title
"Café Hawelka - "Where once upon a time is now"


  1. Merisi, you've posted a beautifully sensitive tribute to Mr Hawelka.

    My goodness, I think of all the Viennese history and culture that might have passed through this particular coffee house. One hundred years is a very long life, and I so hope that Mr. Wavelka enjoyed every one of them. He clearly knew how to create an atmosphere that would encourage any visitor to appreciate the daily gift of life.


  2. been there before Christmas, and we were telling our friends that Mr. Hawelka was at that time 100 years old... he made history!

  3. Es ist vermutlich eine Schande als echte Wienerin, aber ich war noch nie im Café Hawelka.

  4. Great to see books on the table. The Cherry orchard!

  5. Thanks for the link to the article about Mr. Hawelka. He was obviously a remarkable man, and so is the coffee house he established. Thank you, Merisi, for this little bit of Viennese history. And I can always count on a visit here for my virtual coffee "fix". All the best to you and your family in 2012. I look forward to seeing Vienna through your lens over the next year and beyond.

  6. Merisi, you really make me long for the coffee house and that whole atmosphere.
    There is nothing like that here in the suburbs of the greater Sacramento area.
    I think I must have some Vienna DNA hidden in me someplace... (:0)

  7. Thank you for the history on the coffee houses and what it means to you. I love your brain food. Five years - time flies, especially when you're doing things you enjoy. Bonne année et bonne santé Merisi. Your friendship means a lot to me.

  8. Hello!!! You know I think of you often when I am trying out a new kind of coffee. I grind the beans and sit in my window watching the pond and enjoy..and I think of how lovely it would be to really know coffee...Please have a very Happy New Year and please have a wonderful coffee for me...hugs..Michelle

  9. What a beautiful long life. The coffee house, all of the visitors, the stories told, the memories made. Quite possibly even a wedding proposal was made there as he witnessed it...wonderful celebration of life. The coffee, just thinking about it makes me desire some, yet it is only 2:21 in the morning, and I must close my eyes in sleep~ happy New Year~

  10. Happy New Year!
    (and many-many good photos in 2012!)

  11. I love your photos and your view at vienna!!!

    Wish you a happy new year and we see us again!! :-)


  12. From a friend's, Britt-Arnhild in Norway, blog to yours...I did a bit of armchair traveling to brighten my morning, Merisi. Such gorgeous shots of your beautiful, cosmopolitan city! I'm looking forward to 'coming back' and taking a look again!

  13. Thank you all for your kind comments and wishes!
    May the New Year be filled with love and happiness
    for all of you,


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